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Did You Know That Aesthetic Bonding Can Fix Broken Teeth Without Veneers?


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Are you looking for a simple solution for broken teeth? If you thought veneers were the only option, think again! Aesthetic bonding is a cosmetic procedure, which can achieve amazing results in just one session.

The benefits of aesthetic bonding

Aesthetic bonding, also known as cosmetic and composite bonding, is a cosmetic treatment, which offers a host of benefits for patients who have minor flaws in their smile. If you have chipped or broken teeth, small gaps between your teeth or worn or uneven edges, we recommend aesthetic bonding. This painless treatment offers a faster, cheaper alternative to veneers.

Treatment is straightforward, and you can enjoy the results straight away. To achieve your cosmetic transformation, your dentist will first select a shade of dental composite that matches your natural teeth. Composite is a putty-like material, which is also used for white fillings. Your dentist will use the composite to reshape and repair the affected tooth or teeth, and then set it firm by shining a curing light onto the tooth surface. When the composite is hard, your dentist will carry out any final adjustments, and you can check out your new smile for the first time.

The changes your dentist makes to each individual tooth will seem minor, but the overall impact is incredible. Treatment usually takes around one hour.

If you have chipped or broken teeth, and you’re looking for a treatment that can will provide you with a beautiful smile with minimal pain, why not call us and book a consultation? Aesthetic bonding is a simple, affordable solution for a host of common cosmetic imperfections, and you’ll be amazed at the difference an hour in the dental chair can make.


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