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Did You Know Infrared Light can be used to Speed up Teeth Straightening?


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Many patients come to us expressing a desire to see results as quickly as possible. Modern orthodontic treatments are much faster than their counterparts of old, but if you really can’t wait to show off your new smile, we have an innovative treatment that could enable you to enjoy results even faster. Using infrared technology, we can speed up tooth movement, giving you a stunning, straight smile in no time at all.

Introducing OrthoPulse

OrthoPulse is a ground-breaking device, which accelerates tooth movement. This device uses infrared technology to stimulate the bone tissue that surrounds the tooth roots, causing the teeth to move into position faster.

OrthoPulse treatment is compatible with most orthodontic systems, including fixed braces and removable aligners, and all you have to do to enjoy the best results is wear the device with your brace for 10 minutes per day. You can use the OrthoPulse device wherever and whenever you want. Wearing the appliance doesn’t hurt at all, and you won’t even notice that it’s there. You can watch TV, read a book or have a nap and before you know it, it’ll be time to put your OrthoPulse away until tomorrow.

Is OrthoPulse safe?

OrthoPulse has been developed based on decades of research. The science used to accelerate the movement of the teeth has been used in medicine for 60 years and this is a very safe and effective means of shortening treatment times and enabling patients to enjoy results sooner. We are very proud to have an evaluator for this device on our team. With Dr Ilias Marinopoulos in your corner, you can rest assured that you’re in expert hands.


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