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At Harley Street Dental Studio, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a host of modern treatments and we’re always looking out for new innovations that will enable us to improve the way we work. We are proud to be a digital dental clinic and we look forward to showing you how our state of the art digital impressions could transform your smile.

About digital dental impressions

Digital dental impressions are a major step forward in the world of dentistry. With digital impressions, we can produce clean, accurate impressions, which replace the traditional technique of using putty to form moulds. There are countless benefits of going digital, and some of these include:

  • Speed: creating digital impressions is much faster than using putty to form impressions of the teeth and gums. With digital impressions, our dentists can also use templates to make customised restorations on-site rather than having to send the impression away and wait for around 2 weeks for the finished product.
  • Accuracy: there is always a margin for error with handmade impressions and digital techniques are much more precise.
  • Quality: digital scanning and the creation of impressions are accurate, precise processes, which use advanced materials for the best quality products.
  • Comfort: many patients find the process of having impressions made incredibly uncomfortable. This procedure is particularly unpleasant for patients who have a sensitive gag reflex. With digital impressions, the entire process is much more comfortable and you’ll be able to breathe completely normally and relax throughout.
  • Personalisation: digital impressions allow us to create bespoke, high quality restorations with minimal hassle.

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