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Do you have white spots on your teeth? Do you feel self-conscious when you smile? If so, we may have an ideal solution: Icon. Icon is a revolutionary white spot treatment, which can make your smile look more attractive and ensure that you never feel self-conscious when your smile is on show again.

What causes white spots?

Fluorosis is perhaps the most common cause of white spots on the teeth. This occurs when fluoride intake is high. Other possible causes include loss of minerals from the teeth known as decalcification and trauma during childhood. It is common for people who have had a brace to develop white spots if they neglected oral hygiene during treatment.

Introducing Icon

Icon is a modern dental treatment, which aims to eliminate white spots, giving you a beautiful smile you’re not ashamed to show off to the world. Icon uses a method that involves infiltrating the teeth to enable the white spots to blend in with the natural white of the rest of the tooth. The technique does not require drilling and there’s no pain involved. The tooth surface is etched and then dried out. This allows the Icon infiltrate to penetrate the surface of the enamel and fill in pores deeper inside the tooth, which have been created, usually by cavities. Finally, a curing light is focused on the tooth.

If you have white spots and you’re looking for a simple, painless remedy, why not call us and find out more about Icon or get in touch with us via the website? We can eliminate white spots and make sure you’re happy to show off that beautiful new smile.


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