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Dentists offer many solutions for dental phobia – What about NuCalm?


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This is an educational article about Nucalm and its use in the treatment of dental phobia – Harley Street Dental Studio does not offer this treatment

NuCalm is a drug-free procedure that naturally puts your body in the first stage of sleep – you will be in a state of deep relaxation, meditative and calm and not at all anxious about what the dentist is doing. This will last for the entire procedure. None of this means you will be unconscious and you will still be able to react to voice commands, without your brain reacting anxiously to what is going on.

There are four steps in the NuCalm treatment. It takes around 2-3 minutes to complete and starts to work within 3-5 minutes. The first step is the chewy tablet that relaxes you by counteracting adrenaline. The dentist will then place microcurrent stimulation patches behind your ears to aid in the relaxation process. This is followed by wearing headphones, which not only block out noise but also play soothing music to bring about meditation. Finally, blackout glasses will stop you from seeing what is going on and will help maintain your dreamy and relaxed state.

And yet it can still get better! NuCalm is completely natural and only brings the body to the same state it gets to naturally every night when you go to bed. Therefore, NuCalm is completely safe and risk-free and does not compromise your health. There is no recovery time needed and no side effects have been reported. In fact, the only after-effect patients have commented on is the feeling of complete rejuvenation that lasts for a few days following the treatment.

NuCalm is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people try it out. A massive 95% of NuCalm receivers say they would use it again. It has changed the lives of even the most hardcore dentist phobia patients. People who have before avoided the dentist like the plague can now go happily for their dental treatment.

No longer does a check-up mean weeks of sleepless nights for the patient. Likewise, no longer does a simple tooth extraction mean tricky, anxious and unpredictable customers for the dentist. With the NuCalm effect dentists can do their job calmly and patients can maintain their oral health stress-free.


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