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Dental Veneers for Beautiful Brides


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Dental veneers can help brides look and feel even more beautiful on their wedding day.

Every bride-to-be wants to look her most beautiful on the big day, and will put a lot of effort into preparing her appearance. Most women will diet, exercise, wax, apply fake tan, have their hair and nails done, and maybe go for a facial or massage. But if she has crooked, chipped or stained teeth, then no matter how many beauty treatments she undergoes, she still may not feel her best. Dental veneers are one solution for the brides who want their teeth to be as white and stunning as their dress.

Dental Veneers – Beautifying the Bride

Looking good is top of the list for every bride when she gets married. She knows all eyes will be on her when she walks down the aisle, and she especially wants to make her fiancée proud to be committing himself to her. Whilst brides-to-be can control some aspects of their appearance – such as their weight, skin and hair – there are other areas that they may need help with. For example, a set of misaligned, gappy, damaged or badly stained teeth can ruin a bride’s appearance. She won’t want to smile on the photos because she’ll be self-conscious about revealing her teeth, and she will probably feel less than beautiful. However, a set of expertly applied dental veneers can give her a whole new look, with gorgeously white, straight teeth that will be enhanced by her white dress.

Dental Veneers – A White Wedding

To ensure she looks her best for the big day, a bride-to-be needs to plan her dental veneers treatment well in advance. She should give herself plenty of time to get used to her new teeth so she feels as comfortable and confident as possible on her big day, and allow for any adjustments. When dental veneers are fitted, the dentist will first decide what shape, size and colour veneers will best suit his patient. The thin layer of porcelain will then be fitted to the teeth with a temporary adhesive at another session. Once the patient has spent some time with their dental veneers and are happy with the fit and appearance, they will be fixed permanently, creating a dazzling new smile. Brides will walk down the aisle in their gown and their new teeth, knowing that they look their absolute best and that all their guests will be complimenting her on her fabulous new teeth. And thanks to her dental veneers, she really will be able to smile throughout the happiest day of her life.

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