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Dental veneers are a fabulous way to transform your average or slightly imperfect set of teeth into a dazzling smile that will turn heads on Oxford Street. When your teeth are fine but that slight crookedness, crack, chip, stain or even a gap, is getting you down every time you look in the mirror then dental veneers are probably the answer to your troubles.

Veneers are wafer-thin shells that cover the front of your tooth and hide any imperfections going on underneath; think of them as false nails for your teeth but with a much greater life expectancy. The veneer is cemented on to the front of your tooth and is colour coordinated so that it blends in and looks natural alongside the rest of your teeth. The procedure is quick, straightforward and relatively painless and within two trips to your dentist your Hollywood smile can be complete.

A versatile treatment

The veneer is versatile too – this is the perfect solution for most of the aesthetic problems you can have with your teeth. Think of them as that large glass of wine or a huge bar of chocolate after a long day at the office. The veneer can solve everything! A badly stained tooth that is beyond the capabilities of whitening treatments can be transformed instantly by covering it with a veneer. A cracked, chipped or worn tooth is quickly disguised by a dental veneer. Although not the first option or indeed the ideal one, a veneer can improve the look of crooked teeth if the crookedness is minor and the long process of orthodontic braces just does not seem worth the trouble. The veneer can even correct unsightly or uneven gaps in your smile. There is simply nothing they can’t make better – they really are your tooth’s knight in shining armour.

Which veneer is for you?

There are also as many choices of veneer as there are problems a veneer can solve – the possibilities are endless. Porcelain veneers are by far the most popular; strong and durable with a very natural-looking appearance and a life expectancy of up to 10 years. Composite veneers are the cheaper option and are perfect for tiny cracks or chips as they preserve more of your natural tooth. They are however not so durable, more prone to staining and have a shelf-life of just 1-2 years. There are many other options also; lumineers, Da Vinci veneers, MAC veneers and even non-permanent veneers, the latter are removable and reusable as and when the wearer requires a little extra sparkle in their smile. You can have just one tooth covered with a veneer or you can have a whole set if you are going for that A-list sparkle. Your dentist will be able to discuss all of these options with you.

I suspect many of you will be reading this thinking it all sounds fab but I’d rather have a chip in my tooth than volunteer myself for a terror ride or two in the dentist chair. Great news! The procedure can be complete in as little as two visits and neither visit is particularly traumatic. After an initial consultation and examination your tooth will be prepared by shaving off a tiny layer of the front of the tooth surface under a local anesthetic to accommodate the veneer. The dentist then takes an impression and on your next visit your veneer will be ready and waiting for you. After a quick cleaning and perfecting the fit, the veneer will be cemented into place and the ordeal is over.

So it really is that simple to achieve a showstopping smile to rival the Hollywood greats. Veneers instantly transform a mundane mouth into a naturally dazzling healthy looking smile. It’s a smile that can last too; with a good oral health routine, regular check-ups at the dentist and general good care and attention, your A-list smile will be the envy of your friends for years to come.

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