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In the last decade or so there has been an increased focus on beauty and looking healthy, youthful and attractive in the media, which has promoted many people to have cosmetic treatments to enhance their natural features and preserve their youthful looks. Most people associate treatments such as Botox, face-lifts and fillers with rolling back the years, but a trip to the dentist could be as equally effective.

The range of cosmetic dental procedures has increased significantly in recent years and you can now have a treatment to fix almost any problem across the Commonwealth and the world. Getting older can be hard to handle and you may be dismayed when you notice fine lines or wrinkles appearing, but your teeth can make a real difference to your appearance and a simple cosmetic dental treatment could have a huge impact.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening for patients from London is an amazing treatment because it produces incredible results in a very short space of time. The procedure is very simple and safe, there is no need for injections or drills and you will feel different the moment you step out of the surgery. There are different whitening methods available, from in-chair treatments, which can lighten the teeth by numerous shades in under an hour, to home whitening kits, which restore the natural whiteness of the teeth and give them a healthy glow over a longer period of treatment time, usually around two weeks.

White teeth have long been associated with good health and beauty, but as you age, your teeth are likely to become discoloured as a result of general wear and tear and drinking strongly-coloured liquids such as coffee and red wine. Whitening treatments help to roll back the years, banish the stains and give you a gorgeous, fresh set of pearly whites.


If you have chipped, discoloured or crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth, this can make you look older than you are, affecting your confidence and making you feel uncomfortable smiling in public. Veneers are an effective solution for all those problems and they can literally transform your smile in just a couple of sessions. Veneers are very thin sheets, made from specially formulated ceramic materials, such as porcelain, which are applied over the top of the existing teeth to create a perfect smile. Veneers give you a healthy, young smile while still looking natural and could make feel 10 years younger, as well as looking 10 years younger!




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