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Accidents and unexpected aches and pains can occur at any point so it’s worth taking time to plan ahead and work out what you would do if something did happen.

Types of dental emergency

Dental emergencies are actually more common than you may think; accidents can happen at any time and the teeth can be damaged or broken very easily if you happen to fall or slip or you bite down on a particularly hard piece of food. Sports injuries are also a common cause of dental emergencies and incidents such as road accidents can also cause damage to the teeth and facial bones. Accidents are also a common cause of dental emergencies amongst children, as they are prone to falling and tripping over.

Severe toothache and pain in the jaw and mouth are also common dental emergencies. Most people think that toothache is just a mild pain that goes away on its own, however this is not the case and some people experience sudden throbbing pain, which stops them in their tracks and prevents them from getting on with their daily life.

What to do if you have a dental emergency

If you find yourself in extreme pain or you damage your teeth or jaw bone, seek medical assistance as soon as possible. If you have lost a tooth, try to find it and store it in a glass of cool water or milk until you can see a dentist; it may be possible to salvage the tooth if you act quickly enough.

The NHS offers emergency dental care and you can find out about your nearest emergency service by calling your local Primary Care Trust. You can also look online and in the local press for details of emergency medical and dental services. Or you can visit your Harley Street dentist to have your dental emergencies solved.

If you suffer a fracture, it may be advisable to go straight to an accident and emergency department, rather than trying to secure an emergency dental appointment.

If you are in pain and you are waiting to see a dentist you can take over the counter painkillers to ease your discomfort.

Preventing dental emergencies

It’s not really possible to prevent dental emergencies, as accidents can happen at any time. However, there are some steps you can take to try and reduce the risk a dental emergency disrupting your life. Try to make sure everyone in your family has a check-up, especially if they are overdue. If you have children, try to reduce the risk of accidents by installing stair gates, removing obstacles from corridors and covering sharp corners. If you are participating in a contact sport, always wear a protective mouth guard to prevent damage to your teeth; you can ask your dentist about custom-made mouth guards or buy one from a sports retailer; professional, dentist-made guards are made to fit your mouth and will be more comfortable than cheaper ones which you mould yourself.

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