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Missing teeth can be caused by various instances including sporting accidents, gum disease, tooth decay or root canal treatments. One of the major problems arising from missing teeth are the teeth that are left behind. With a gap, the surrounding teeth have a tendency to move toward the gap and often do so in a twisting or leaning repositioning. The gap is still there, although reduced, and the natural replenishment of gum bone around a tooth root is reduced. This can thin the jaw bone and reduce the support to the surrounding facial tissue, resulting in sagging. The problems of gaps, however the gap occurred in the first place, can be prevented by dental bridge treatments at the Harley Street Dental Studio.

Dental Bridges to the Rescue

Dental bridges are a high quality, natural looking replacement for missing teeth that effectively bridge the gap and can be attached to durable implants at each end of the gap. These implants act as replacements for tooth roots and so the gum bone naturally maintains strength and thickness which prevents missing tooth induced gum thinning. At Harley Street Dental Studio in London, we use a superior standard of implants that are both long lasting and rock solid. By attaching the porcelain bridge to these implants, the colour matched bridge will both look and feel natural.

Living with Dental Bridges

Because the dental bridges offered by Harley Street Dental Studio are ceramic and matched to the colour of surrounding teeth, they look exactly like other teeth. Due to the system of anchoring chosen by Harley Street Dental Studio to the superior grade dental implants, dental bridges don’t just look great, they feel exactly like normal teeth. Using the highest quality porcelain, a dental bridge fitted by us will last for years and years without any obvious signs of ageing.



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