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The recession has hit parts of London particularly hard, and more people are having to seek out dentists in London as the stress grinds away.

Stress is something we all feel. But the recession has hit some parts of London particularly hard. The banking sector and the City have of course taken the biggest hit. And as a result, there has been a boost in demand for dentists in London as the recession leads to an increase in teeth grinding.

Some dentists in London as well as across the UK believe the increase in demand for dentists is party down to stress related teeth grinding. In London, one dental restorative specialist said he had witnessed a rise of 20% of teeth grinding in his patients. Teeth grinding, or bruxism can lead to permanent tooth damage and is thought to be triggered by money or job worries, as well as general stress.

Grinders Turn to London Dentists

Currently, chronic tooth grinders can wear mouth guards to try and break their habit but dental schools are working on a new way of combating the problem by delivering tiny electrical impulses to the gums when the patient sleeps to try and break the habit. It’s hoped that the unfelt electrical impulses will leave the patient’s sleep undisturbed while stopping the grinding for good and the need for ongoing treatments. Excessive grinding can result in the need for a cosmetic dentist – London has some of the best – as it can permanently grind down teeth and chip away enamel.

The Daily Grind

The stress from the fall-out of the recession in London and across the UK, may be putting more pressure on dentists. And the NHS has set up a specific ‘stress-busting’ helpline for people who are feeling depressed or worried about money problems during the credit crunch. The service aims to address the anxiety triggered around job or money worries dealing with the emotional and mental health issues, as well as offering practical financial advice on debt and job hunting.

Dentists Witness Rise in Bruxism

The helpline, although welcomed by some health officials, is not considered to be enough to deal with the mental health fall out. The increase in teeth grinding seen by London dentists is evidence of underlying stress. And front-line mental health services in London are still facing cuts, despite the well documented evidence on the impact on mental health of the recession.

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