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Cosmetic bonding is the answer to your prayers if you have an average smile and want to transform your worn, dull and mundane mouth into that dazzling smile in an instant. Cosmetic bonding is an established treatment in cosmetic dentistry which is used for a number of corrective purposes from a tiny chip right through to a complete smile makeover. The treatment involves using an acrylic resin – a paste-like material – to cover any flaws on the tooth; the material blending seamlessly with the rest of the teeth. It’s so seamless that even you might have trouble picking out the revamped tooth.

The treatment can be used for a number of purposes including the repair of broken or chipped teeth; reshaping teeth; closing gaps between teeth; for filling small dental cavities – this is what is known as a “white filling”; replacing traditional metal or amalgam fillings; and the versatile material can even be used as a veneer – although in terms of quality this is probably not the best option for veneers.

The great thing about this treatment is that you can make the transformation in just one relatively painless trip to the dentist. For some procedures you may need a local anaesthetic but not for every treatment. The dentist will first perfectly match the colour of the material to the rest of your teeth. The tooth or teeth to be treated will be thoroughly cleaned and then shaped and roughened to prepare it for bonding. Then an acid-based gel is applied, followed by the bonding material before it is exposed to a curing light which will cause the material to harden and set. Once the final polishing and buffing has been done you will never know there was ever a flaw to begin with.

Cosmetic bonding is perfect for those that want a quick fix at a reasonable cost. The treatment is over in one day, with little pain or discomfort to suffer post-visit and even better, with little pain or discomfort when you receive your next bank statement. The treatment is the more reasonably priced option for correcting the little errors in your smile. The drawback is that it is not as strong and durable as other materials, such as porcelain in the case of veneers and the wear and tear may start to show more quickly. The material is also more prone to staining than other materials or your natural teeth and so this can eventually become a problem.

Nevertheless, when cosmetic bonding is carried out by a skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist the results can be stunning and your killer smile can be unleashed without going through the pain and discomfort that you might imagine such a transformation would take.

If the small crack in your smile is making you conscious and you dream of the day you will be able to beam with pride then cosmetic bonding may just be the treatment for you.

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