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Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals purely with the aesthetic aspects of your teeth with the aim of improving the overall look of your smile and making it easier on the eye – its popularity is born out of the growing obsession with the idea of a ‘Hollywood smile’. The wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments available today means that anybody who has all of their life had to face the daily toil of panic every time they have to greet someone or face the dreaded camera flash, can finally restore their self-confidence by creating that killer “Hollywood” smile.

What does cosmetic dentistry encompass?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures cover just about every flaw a tooth could possibly have, these include: teeth whitening, bridges, veneers and crowns, white fillings, orthodontics, gum reshaping, dental implants, dental bonding, a gum lift, even a facial rejuvenation – which basically means a non-surgical facelift. The possibilities are endless and the end results can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like – it is even a possibility through cosmetic dentistry to reverse the clock and take years off of a face that is starting to show signs of age.

The most popular cosmetic dental procedures are things like teeth whitening and veneers, crowns and bridges and such treatments can be reasonably priced and are accessible to those of us that don’t have a bank balance to rival Cheryl Cole. The price of treatment generally depends on the type of treatment you are having and as you can tell from the list, such treatments can be as minor or as major as you desire.

What’s wrong with cosmetic dentistry?

Some people criticise the rise of cosmetic dentistry and believe it to be an unnecessary existence; simply put, some believe cosmetic dentistry is to the dentist world what cosmetic surgery is to the medical world. Nevertheless, whilst there are ethical issues with any form of unnecessary or aesthetically-driven change to your body; cosmetic dentistry can sometimes do wonderful things such as improving your speech, correcting bite problems and reducing the risk of gum disease. This is without mentioning the wonders cosmetic dentistry can do for a person whose smile makes them so unconfident that it has taken over their lives.

Weigh up your decision

For anybody considering cosmetic dentistry work it is important that you do your research; understand the process, the risks and the scale of such treatment; and look around as different surgeries will offer different prices for different treatment performed by variably qualified dentists – some dentists that do not specialise in the area of cosmetic dentistry are still able to carry out procedures but obviously specialists are more skilled in the area.

As the saying goes, look good feel good, and this is exactly the sentiment that cosmetic dentistry encompasses. Your smile is something that you cannot hide away or cleverly disguise as you can your muffin top or your moobs and when your smile isn’t sparkling, neither are you. Cosmetic dental work may be just the thing to put that little extra sparkle back in your life.

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