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The Gossip Mill

Celebrities have a thin line to walk when it comes to how they look in the media spotlight. The public eye puts pressure on them to look their best, yet if they go through too much of a cosmetic change they get accused of having “work done”. All you have to do is watch Jeremy Clarkson heckle Richard Hammond week in, week out for having his teeth whitened.

But as the list of celebs that have gone through some form of cosmetic surgery or dentistry grows it has become less shocking to the public, especially as such big names as Tom Cruise has had nose jobs and is also rumoured to have had laser skin treatment, Ben Affleck who it is believed has had cosmetic dentistry and the Beckhams who have also supposedly gone under the knife.

Celeb Cosmetics

As cosmetic dentistry has become more common to the rich and famous it has also become accessible and cheaper so that we mere mortals can take advantage of modern day technology as well. Many cosmetic practices now advertise themselves as places that often take celebrity clients to bring in business.

There are now many ways of going about cosmetic treatment, whether its work on facial wrinkles or teeth whitening that you’re after. Chances are there’s an option widely available to you that wouldn’t have been 5 or 6 years ago.

Treatments such as tooth replacements, whitening, and white fillings are now common and widely used. Dental Implants are another treatment that has grown in popularity. Having dentures anchored into the mouth can give you piece of mind as well as making them more comfortable. The Straumann Implant used by Harley Street is one of the best dental implants available and uses titanium which is accepted by the body easier.

With a variety of treatments available, cosmetic dentistry has never been easier to access than right now.

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