Constant Toothache? How a Root Canal Could Help You


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Do you suffer from constant toothache? Do you struggle to sleep or relax because your tooth is throbbing? Toothache is a common problem, and sometimes it’s not a major issue. However, if you have recurrent pains, or your pain is getting worse, it’s crucial to see your dentist. Severe dental pain can make life a misery, and it can also be a sign of a more complex infection or an underlying issue that needs attention. In some cases, root canal treatment can provide a solution.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure, which may be recommended when a tooth is infected or severely damaged. Usually, this is a treatment that is required when the pulp tissue, the living part of the tooth, is infected or damaged. The pulp contains the nerves and the blood vessels, and once this tissue is infected, the tooth effectively starts to die. Root canal treatment can save the tooth and eliminate the need for extraction.

The root canal procedure involves:

  • Numbing the tooth using local anaesthetic
  • Drilling into the tooth to gain access to the root canals
  • Removing decayed and damaged pulp tissue from the root canals
  • Cleaning the root canals
  • Filling the canals with gutta percha (a dental filling material) to seal them closed and prevent the spread of infection
  • Placing a temporary crown and then a permanent crown (usually 2 weeks later)

The benefits of root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure used by dentists to stem the spread of infection in the tooth and protect the tooth from further damage and decay. In many cases, this treatment makes the difference between keeping the tooth and having it extracted.

If you’re suffering, don’t struggle any longer. Call us and make an appointment, and we’ll do all we can to make you feel comfortable as quickly as possible.

Constant Toothache? How a Root Canal Could Help You

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