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Dentures are a very popular tooth replacement method and they have successfully allowed many people to enjoy the functions they used to have with their own natural teeth. It is advisable to replace missing teeth, not only to make the smile look more attractive, but also to reduce the risk of oral diseases, to provide support for the cheeks and lips, which improves the facial aesthetic and to make eating enjoyable.

About dentures

Dentures are sets of false teeth designed to look and function like natural teeth. You can get partial or complete dentures to replace a few missing teeth or an entire set of lost teeth respectively. If you have partial dentures, they will be made to blend in with your natural teeth.

Dentures sometimes get a bad write-up, mainly because they have an old-fashioned, outdated image. The reality is that dentures have come a long way and modern dentures are extremely lifelike, as well as being much lighter and less cumbersome than older styles of denture and they really can transform your life, especially if you have lost a large number of teeth.

Denture treatment

Dentures are custom-made to ensure that they fit the contours of the mouth perfectly. Once they are in place, they are fairly easy to maintain and look after and your dentist will explain how to keep them clean and when you need to pop in for a check-up. It is important to have regular check-ups even if you have full dentures to check the fit, as the dentures can start to become loose or slip as the shape of your mouth changes and this can result in irritation and the development of sore spots.

Advantages of modern dentures

Modern dentures are functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can smile with confidence again and look forward to eating without any worries. Dentures are also much lighter and more comfortable than they used to be and they are easy to care for. If you would like to arrange a consultation to have modern day dentures, contact the team at Harley StreetΒ Dental Studio in the centre of London,


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