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Clear Braces – What you See in the Mirror


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Beauty and attractiveness are as much about how you feel as how you look, which is why clear braces can help.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but research shows that others see us as 20% more attractive than we see ourselves. This could be a good thing – if we can believe that we are never as bad as we feel we look! But the reality is, how we feel about ourselves often impacts on how we look. If you have to wear big, metal braces, it can be difficult to psychologically get beyond the self consciousness those braces cause – clear braces offer a much less painful alternative.

Clear Braces – The Power of a Smile

The pressure to have a winning smile has never been so high. One look at our celebrity culture reveals that straight, white teeth are almost compulsory if you want to make it big (especially if you want to make it big in America). It’s no wonder more young people are choosing clear braces to help achieve the perfect smile. Those that resist the straight, white teeth culture can cause a media storm – such as Ricky Gervais whose natural British teeth prompted one American interviewer to tell him how brave he was to wear such an ugly mouthpiece in a recent film role (it was his real teeth). Clear braces, like tooth whitening, are increasingly sought after by British dental patients who want to embrace their smile but don’t want the humiliation of wearing chunky, metal braces.

Clear Braces for the Self Conscious

There are countless things that men and women feel impact on their self esteem and body image – from acne to cellulite. But poor teeth are hard to cover up. And if we do try and cover them up, we can find we don’t smile full smiles. Smiling is an attractive, open feature and not being able to smile fully and freely will impact on our beauty. Clear braces offer a solution to the self conscious to fix the problem for good and finally have something to smile about. Whether it’s internal or external, psychological or physical, feeling unattractive can be devastating on our careers and personal life. Clear braces offer some patients the confidence they need to take the first steps in achieving the perfect smile.

Clear Braces – An Adult Solution

Braces are often associated with children and teens. It can be difficult as an adult to wear braces – but clear braces offer an alternative adults don’t have to feel self conscious about. And there’s nothing new or wrong with wanting to look more beautiful so we feel more beautiful. Beauty psychologists agree, the more beautiful you feel, the more you feel you can get out of life. When you know you look good, you feel good – you are more confident and are more likely to respond positively. If your teeth have always left you feeling unhappy, clear braces could be the beginning to a brighter future.

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