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Put an end to the physical and emotional pain of wearing metal braces, with the new styles of clear braces.

Metal braces have a deservedly bad reputation. Not only have they shattered the confidence of millions of teenagers and adults across the world with their ugly, highly visible appearance, but they have also caused untold pain and discomfort in people’s mouths with their horrible wire contraptions. Now there is a way to put a stop to the pain of wearing these Medieval-like devices – clear braces.

Clear Braces – The Dental Revolution

A new dental revolution is sweeping the world, relieving the emotional suffering and physical pain of brace wearers everywhere. Clear braces are the new phenomenon. They offer an invisible, comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional metal braces, giving the wearer straight, corrected teeth in less time too.

Clear Braces – The Invisible Solution

One of the most appealing aspects of wearing clear braces is that they are practically invisible, and unless anyone knows you are wearing them, they will be none the wiser. This makes them ideal for teenagers who might otherwise suffer horrendous bullying, or adults who need to maintain a professional or glamorous appearance whilst receiving treatment, such as actors, models and executives. Made from transparent plastic, clear braces come in the form of trays that are moulded especially to the mouth. They can be fitted without the need for wires or bands, simply slotting over teeth like a mouth guard. They are without a doubt the most subtle option for people of any age needing correction on their teeth.

Clear Braces – Pure Convenience

Another attractive aspect of clear braces is that they are removed just before eating, drinking and oral care. This means the wearer can continue in their normal daily life without suffering from the inconveniences associated with metal braces. They can eat any type of food, and don’t have to dread bits of their meal getting stuck in the braces. Clear braces make for a far more civilised dining experience. And because clear braces can be removed for oral hygiene, it means teeth will stay healthier than they would do underneath metal braces, which can prohibit thorough brushing and flossing.

Clear Braces – Increased Comfort

Clear braces are a brilliant alternative to metal braces for one final reason – comfort. Metal braces can be very harsh on the delicate gums, with metal wires digging in and a tight, painful feeling in the mouth, especially when readjusted by the dentist. Clear braces are naturally gentler on the gums because they are made from plastic, and they are wire-free. Overall, clear braces really are a revolutionary new alternative to out-dated metal braces. It is little wonder, then, that the clear braces trend is spreading far and wide across the world.

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At the Harley Street Dental Studio in Central London, renowned dentist Dr Mark Hughes and his team of highly trained clinicians offer outstanding care and attention to their patients. Favoured by celebrities of the sporting and entertainment worlds, the clinic offers cosmetic dental treatments including dental veneers, tooth whitening, porcelain crowns, amalgam-free fillings and clear braces. It offers the very latest dental products such as Enlighten™, MACVENEERS™, Invisalign@, DaVinci Veneers™, and ZOOM!@ Whitening. With luxurious surroundings and a technically advanced clinic, the Harley Street Dental Studio will help reinvent and rejuvenate your smile with style. To discuss your dental needs or make an appointment, contact the studio on 020 7636 5981 or fill out the online contact form.




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