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Clear Braces For Teenage Patients In London


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Teen years are exciting with many physical, emotional and intellectual changes. The body develops into adulthood with growth spurts and puberty. During this period, adolescents may feel quite self-conscious about their appearance and how they are accepted by others. Skew, protruding, overcrowded and misaligned teeth may affect their smile and health.

Orthodontic care with Invisalign Teen braces encourages teenagers to received needed teeth straightening dental treatment. An invisible modern braces solution, Invisalign Teen resembles a clear plastic mouth shield that fits over a dental arch rather than stigma-causing traditional metal braces systems.

Designed especially with the needs of teenagers in mind, Invisalign Teen comes with all the advantages of Invisalign Standard including being custom-made to suit individual needs and preferences, easily removable for cleaning or activities, comfortable and effective for straightening mild orthodontic conditions.

The Indicator

Invisalign Teen helps teenagers look their best and remember when to remove or reinsert the clear braces system with the Blue Dot Wear Indicator. The Indicator estimates the braces wear duration and eventually fades clear after two weeks when aligners are ready to be replaced by the dentist.

The orthodontist fits new aligners every two weeks so that teeth are gradually repositioned into their correct alignment. The Blue Dot Wear Indicator is unique to Invisalign Teen in consideration of a teenagers’ active lifestyle.

Teens may engage in the activities they enjoy and conveniently remove their Invisalign Teen braces system for sports activities, when singing or playing a musical instrument. Being of clear plastic design, the Invisalign Teen braces mould to the teeth and are not obvious to others.

Teenagers feel good when wearing Invisalign Teen because the system is discrete, preserves their appearance, and straightens teeth in a shorter time than traditional braces. Teens choose Invisalign Teen for discretion and teeth straightening results while feeling comfortable and confident during treatment. If you would like more information about Invisalign Teen please contact Harley Street Dental Studio in central London for more information.






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