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Clear Braces – Dentistry Developments


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Dentistry has come a long way in recent years, the popularity of clear braces demonstrates that more people are embracing new technologies in cosmetic dentistry.

Brace yourself – old-style, heavy metal braces are the stuff of nightmare. But clear braces sound heaven-sent for anyone who has had to suffer wearing the more traditional ugly braces. It’s no coincidence that the stereotypes in films and TV of victimised school children bullied for being geeks always use clunky metal braces as shorthand. But braces are a necessity for many of us. Clear braces provide a welcome alternative – helping to sort out our teeth, without compromising on our looks.

Clear Braces: Cosmetic Advances

America is obsessed with teeth, they work hard to ensure the perfect straight white smile. And some believe the UK is hot on its heels, with more of us demanding cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and clear braces. It might explain why the American Association of Orthodontists say about five million people in the States have braces – traditional braces and clear braces – to straighten their teeth. But wearing braces is no longer the burden it once was. Technology, medication and cosmetic dentistry have all come on leaps and bounds in recent decades – as have braces. Developed back in the early 1900s, braces were said to be originally made out of gold – a pliable metal. By 1927, brackets made out of stainless steel and wires were introduced. The 1950s saw the first bonding of brackets to teeth and by the 1970s, porcelain, ceramic and clear brackets evolved.

Clear Braces: Aesthetic Solutions

Now, instead of gold wire, rubber tubing and mouthfuls of stainless steel metal, it’s possible to get clear braces so wearing braces is no longer the uncomfortable or humiliating experience it once was. In fact, braces used to be a painful experience for many, but clear braces are good news for children and adults in the UK desperate to straighten crooked teeth. Research published in the British Journal of Health Psychology said that straightening crooked teeth in childhood didn’t necessarily make people feel happier as adults, but it did make them feel better about their teeth. And as clear braces become more popular, the expectation to have straight, perfect teeth will increase demand. Investing in clear braces isn’t just about cosmetics – straightened teeth are easier to care for. With the advancement in dental care to include clear braces, cosmetic dentists are getting closer to greater precision with virtually unnoticeable clear braces.

Clear braces are the result of Invisalign – a system that uses 3-D modelling and computerised technology to create the clear braces, also known as invisible braces, usually within a year the patient ends up with straight, natural looking teeth.

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