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A bright smile equals a healthy mouth.

Let’s face it, our teeth are important. They break down whatever food we consume, make a winning smile what it is and it is always fun to count them with your tongue one by one. We having a loving relationship with them and can joyfully recount when we first received a visit from the tooth fairy and received a tidy sum for simply a natural process happening. Unfortunately, this admiration for one of the tiniest part of our bodies doesn’t always sink in with some people and many do not care for their teeth in the way that they should. They might have eaten one chocolate bar too many, consumed that extra can of fizzy drink or not brushed two times a day as recommended. As a result of not being looked after, this leads to many people losing one or more of their teeth.

The solution

When the unfortunate situation of your teeth falling out does happen, there are some solutions to your predicament which can be resolved with the help of the Harley Street Dental Studio. Having a single or several teeth that have succumbed to tooth decay and need to be removed can be resolved by replacing them with titanium anchors safely locking them in place to your jawbone. But what happens when you find that you no longer have any teeth in either your upper arch (aka maxillary) or lower arch (referred to as mandibular).

Getting it right with us

Long gone are the days of those unsightly dentures your grandparents or a long-distant Auntie or Uncle used to sport. Now you can have a personal set of dentures created in your own distinct style. The service of creating your own personalised dentures couldn’t be any simpler here. By working alongside computer-imaging technology, we are able to create one tooth at a time so you can view what your dentures are like before you see them in reality. If you’re worried about whether or not what you see on a computer screen is what is designed using our digital system, we at the Harley Street Dental Studio take every effort and care into making sure that the denture blueprint which you choose is followed meticulously so that what you chose is exactly what you get.

Easy as pie

So, not only do we offer the service of having an individual set of dentures created at a reasonable price but the teeth designed in a style which you might have wanted for as long as you care to remember.

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