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Children’s Dentistry; Getting Your Child To Look After Their Teeth In London


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Modern dentistry provides an enjoyable dental treatment for children. Gone are the days of scary dental visits or painful treatment experiences that sometimes form the basis of adult dental phobia. During childhood years the teeth develop from milk teeth into permanent dentition and need professional dental care to prevent tooth decay, oral trauma and diseases.

Parents and guardians have a key role to play in a child’s oral health and overall well-being. Leaving dental or oral conditions untreated may lead to health complications and emergencies. Children need help looking after their teeth, gums and oral structures for healthy development.

Introduce a child to the dentist early

Starting regular dental check-ups during infancy, parents and children may receive help with teething, prevention of cavities and early identification of oral health conditions for proper treatment. Children get to know their dentist and accustomed to care received.

Educate a child about the importance of oral hygiene and health

Children are best to learn why teeth need cleaning from parents or guardians through the example they set. Explaining the benefits of oral hygiene and care to children helps them learn why it is important to look after their teeth and gums.

Establish a daily routine for oral hygiene care

Setting time aside daily for proper oral hygiene care gives routine for children to follow so that they develop healthy oral hygiene habits. Allowing children to choose their oral cleaning products gives them a sense of control over their oral hygiene practice with cleansers of preference.

Take children for regular dental check-ups and teeth cleaning

Children are at risk of tooth loss from tooth decay, gum disease and conditions arising from orthodontic irregularities. Regular dental check-ups provide screening, treatment and gives the opportunity for children to learn oral care from dental professionals. For more information on children’s dentistry please contact the team at Harley Street Dental Studio in the heart of London.






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