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Brighter Teeth, Younger Look – How to take care of every part of your face


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Dental treatment isn’t just about taking care of your teeth and gums and ensuring your smile looks healthy and beautiful. It’s also about making you look and feel more confident. If you care for your teeth, or you invest in treatments to address dental issues, such as missing teeth, you can enjoy a host of benefits, including looking younger.

How does dental treatment make you look younger?

Studies suggest that a bright, healthy looking smile is synonymous with beauty and youth. If you showed people a selection of photographs of different smiles, you would find that people believed that the images of healthy, white teeth belonged to younger people than those that depicted yellow, worn or missing teeth. Your smile is one of your most noticeable physical characteristics, and as humans, we form impressions within seconds. If you have chipped, stained teeth or you’re missing a series of teeth, this can age you.

Missing teeth can also make you look older because gaps in the smile affect the structure and appearance of your face. Your teeth are not just there to help you break down food before digestion. They also have a supportive role to play. They support your cheeks and lips. If you have gaps, this can cause the cheeks to sag, which will make you look older.

Taking good care of your teeth

We all want to have beautiful smiles for as long as possible. Sometimes, it’s not possible to avoid dental damage, but often, you can take steps to protect your smile. Maintain good oral hygiene habits at home, and keep up to date with dental checks. Keep tabs on your diet, and protect your teeth when you’re playing sport. If you experience dental symptoms or you notice changes in your mouth, see your dentist. It’s always best to get potential problems checked out, as issues like decay and gum disease get worse with time.


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