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Boutique Dentistry is Important for Clients from London


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Boutique may conjure up images of elite shopping premises where items or services are sold, which may be anything from designer wear to legal and financial services. Boutique dentistry is one such service available to people from London, which provides the very best cosmetic and dental care.

What constitutes boutique dentistry?

In the UK, NHS Dentistry is the alternative to private boutique dental care. The difference is that NHS Dentistry caters for the general public with eligibility criteria for free-of-charge care only available in certain cases. Usually, cosmetic dental care treatments are not an option through NHS Dentistry, and need to be accessed through private care only.

Boutiques are designed to meet the particular needs of patients, and may offer competitive payment plans. Cosmetic outlets cater for niche needs, often practised by internationally trained and experienced experts. The cosmetic and dental procedures combined with high-end laboratory technology are bespoke, and often not found in NHS facilities.

Why is boutique dentistry so important?

Boutique dentistry is important for some of the reasons touched on already, including:

  • To cater for the dental needs of all people, particularly those excluded from NHS eligibility criteria.
  • To have more choice for dental and cosmetic care options.
  • For treatments with cutting-edge procedures and technology.
  • For shorter treatment durations and faster recovery times.
  • To avoid long waiting periods for needed treatment.
  • To have the option of dental treatment abroad or to combine a therapy with a holiday for recovery.
  • To provide niche care for elite members.
  • For provision of alternate financing structures.


Boutique Dentistry is Important for Clients from London

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