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Ground Down Teeth? How Harley Street can Rehabilitate Your Teeth

Do you grind your teeth or have your teeth become weak and crumbly? If your teeth are worn, we are here to help. With tooth rehabilitation, we can restore your teeth to their former glory, reducing the risk of further damage and enabling you to feel confident when you smile.

Treatment options for tooth wear

It’s very common for the teeth to become worn. General wear and tear, acid erosion and injuries can all take their toll. The good news is that we have several treatment options available for repairing and restoring worn teeth. When you have a consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth and discuss options that they feel will best suit your needs. The level of wear will often impact the range of choices. Examples of treatment options include:

Cosmetic bonding: cosmetic bonding is a simple, affordable, painless treatment, which is capable of building up worn surfaces, smoothing edges and reshaping the teeth with minimal hassle. Treatment takes around an hour, and your dentist will use a material called dental composite to carry out repairs. Composite is a versatile, tooth-coloured material, which is also used for fillings. At room temperature, composite is like putty, which means that your dentist can shape and mould it to create the desired effect. When the composite has been placed, it will be set firm using a light source.

Crowns: if the tooth is damaged extensively or it is weak and there’s a risk of further damage, a new crown may be recommended. Crowns are restorations, which are placed over the top of the tooth to strengthen the tooth. They are also known as caps. Crowns can be made from ceramic materials to create a seamless aesthetic.

Veneers: if you have worn teeth and you long for a flawless smile, veneers may be an option worth considering. Veneers are fame for creating beautiful, radiant smiles and they provide a solution for patients with worn, crooked, stained and misshapen teeth.

If you’d like to find out more about our treatment options, why not call and book a consultation today?

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