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Did You Know Harley Street Dental Studio Can Bring Back a Beautiful Smile With Cosmetic Bonding?

Have you got chipped teeth or are you conscious about the gaps between your teeth when you smile? If you’re looking for a simple, painless remedy, we may have just the treatment for you. Cosmetic bonding is an incredibly effective treatment, which can transform the appearance of the smile in less than an hour.

What is bonding and how could it help me?

Cosmetic bonding is also known as aesthetic or composite bonding. This is a popular cosmetic dental treatment, which has a wide range of uses. The aim is to alter and adjust the shape and size of the teeth and close gaps between the teeth using a material called dental composite. Cosmetic bonding can be used to address chipped and worn teeth, misshapen teeth, gaps between the teeth and uneven edges, and it is a very effective means of enhancing the appearance of the smile. Composite is a tooth-coloured material, and it comes in an array of shades. Your dentist will choose the closest match to your natural teeth to ensure a seamless finish.

Bonding offers multiple benefits. The results are amazing, treatment takes around an hour, and there’s absolutely no pain involved. Bonding is much cheaper than treatments like veneers and braces, and you can enjoy the results of your treatment straightaway.

What does the procedure involve?

When you have bonding treatment, your dentist will start by selecting a shade of composite to match your natural teeth. They will then prepare your teeth, and then position and mould the composite to achieve the desired results. At room temperature, the composite is like putty, and this means that it can be shaped to build up edges, reshape the tooth or close gaps between the teeth. When your dentist is happy with the placement of the composite, they will shine a light on your teeth to set the composite firm. They will then carry out any final adjustments before showing you your new smile.

If you’ve got minor aesthetic flaws and you’re looking for a fabulous remedy, call us today and book a consultation.

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