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Are At Home Whitening Kits From The High Street Dangerous In The Heart Of London?


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As dentists, we are eager to promote good oral health and our priority is your health and safety. We strongly recommend professional whitening treatment for anyone who wants a whiter, brighter smile.

Are home whitening kits safe?

Any product that is sold at a store in the UK should meet EU standards; however, regulation for products and kits bought online is not as stringent, as it is much more difficult to monitor what is sold and we urge our patients not to buy whitening products online. Often, it’s tempting to buy on the Internet because prices are lower; however, it is always safer to buy from a dentist and we would encourage anyone who is interested in whitening treatment to pay that little bit extra to get professional treatment.

Although many home whitening kits are safe, we can guarantee that our products are high quality, completely safe and extremely effective. We also offer the benefit of our expertise and experience and we are on hand to ensure that you are a good match for treatment, guide you through the treatment process and provide any additional dental care you need.

Is home whitening better than in-chair treatment?

The home whitening products we use are very effective, but in-chair treatment is usually the best option for patients who want the best, brightest smile. We provide home whitening systems and in-chair professional whitening to cater for all your whitening needs. Often, home whitening is a solution for patients who have mild staining and would benefit from a treatment that is flexible and blends in with a busy schedule.


If you have any whitening questions or concerns or you would like to find out more about our whitening services, pop in and see us or give us a call.


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