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If you want to correct your crooked teeth but are worried by the prospect of having to wear braces or aligners for several years, there is a product which might be ideal for you. Already popular in the United States, Six Month Smiles allows patients to have their teeth effectively straightened in just half a year. Ask your dentist today about how Six Month Smiles can give you the straight smile you’ve always wanted in just six months.

Six Month Smiles doesn’t only deal with crooked teeth. Overcrowding, overbite or spacing issues can also be dealt with by the versatile Six Month Smiles process.  Despite the fact it is so much quicker than traditional braces (treatment time is cut down by three quarters) Six Month Smiles is actually cheaper too.  The treatment cost is about half of that of traditional braces.

Another big advantage of Six Month Smiles is how discreet it is.  The brackets fitted to your teeth and the nickel titanium wires are actually the colour of teeth, rather than the unsightly metal of traditional braces.  For youngsters worried about their appearance with metal brackets and wires in their mouth, Six Month Smiles might be preferable. Your dentist will see you every four to five weeks and make low force adjustments in appointments that should only take about a quarter of an hour, allowing you to get on with your life.

Six Month Smiles is worth considering if you have an impending wedding or holiday for which you want to be able to smile with confidence.

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