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Many people have amalgam fillings because they are the only type of filling currently available on the NHS. Amalgam fillings do the job but they can look unsightly and they are much more obvious than white fillings. At Harley Street Dental Studio, we can replace your metal amalgam fillings with discreet, natural looking white fillings.

Why choose amalgam-free fillings?

The main reason for choosing white fillings is the appearance of the filling. The dental material used to fill the cavity is tooth-coloured, meaning that the filling is invisible to other people. We are fully aware of the importance of a great looking, healthy smile and realise that some people may not be happy with the appearance of their metal fillings and the way they look when they smile. Replacing the grey metal fillings with tooth-coloured fillings will help to restore the natural appearance of the teeth and create a much more attractive looking smile.

The safer option

In the past, some people have been concerned about the safety of mercury amalgam fillings. Although numerous studies have concluded that amalgam fillings are safe, some people are wary and prefer to go for the safer, non-amalgam option.

Amalgam-free fillings are equally as effective as amalgam fillings and will help to prevent further spread of decay. The fillings are more aesthetically pleasing and will last well. Some silver fillings start to corrode over time and this can discolour the teeth and leave an unpleasant black tinge on the teeth.

We will be happy to swap your amalgam fillings for natural looking white fillings. Our dental team is highly experienced and follows strict regulations to ensure you receive the best possible standards of care in a safe and welcoming environment.

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