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In most cases, the baby teeth come loose when the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. This happens when the adult teeth develop and push their way through the gums, causing the baby teeth to become loose until they eventually fall out.

Children are often interested in their wobbly teeth and many will spend hours wiggling them around, which can cause them to fall out sooner. If the tooth is very loose, it may be tempting to pull it out and if you do decide to pull the tooth out, there are some steps you should follow.

Pulling out a milk tooth

Many dentists advise children to pull the tooth out itself if the root is very loose and it should come out very easily without any pain or bleeding. It is best to wrap the tooth in tissue and then gently pull the tooth loose, wiggling it from side to side until the root is barely attached. However it is very important that you do this only with teeth that are already very loose, as pulling on teeth that are not loose will cause pain and may damage the mouth.

If you pull a tooth that is already very loose, there should be little or no bleeding. If the socket of the tooth does bleed, you should place a piece of damp gauze over the wound to absorb the blood and stem the bleeding.

Ask your dentist

If you have any questions about pulling out a tooth or you are unsure, always ask your dentist for advice.


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