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A Youthful Glow With Restylane Treatment For Patients In The City Of London


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It isn’t a coincidence that when a person looks great, they usually feel great. The demands of modern life make caring for ourselves a difficult priority to achieve. At Harley Street Dental Studio, we don’t just offer world-class dentistry care, we offer a range of treatments that can not only improve the appearance of wrinkles, but can make a person look years younger. Why bother with a range of time-consuming, ineffective routine when the professionals at Harley Street Dental Studio are only a phone call away.

The Collagen Effect

Skin like any other structure requires support. A natural layer of collagen fibre supports skin and giving shape and a youthful appearance. As we age, this layer of collagen fibre breaks down and the skin is able to sag and wrinkle. There are many products available which can help rebuild the collagen layer but they are predominantly derived from animal sources, and need substantial testing and trials before they can be used.

Introducing Restylane Treatments

Restylane is a clear gel which was developed in Sweden. Restylane can reduce the ageing process,temporarily reversing it by rebuilding the vital collagen fibre layer. Unlike many of its competitors, it is not derived from animal sources. This revolutionary gel is made from stabilised hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in skin giving it its youthful structure. Restylane treatments dramatically improve the contour of the skin by increasing the volume of the skin tissue.

Look Younger With Restylane

Restylane treatments are typically administered using a super thin needle which generally removes the necessity for anaesthetic. Each treatment typically last between 10 and 30 minutes and the results are immediate. Follow-up injections can be administered between two and four weeks later giving a youthful result that will last up to a year. Restylane is a natural, safe product which required no testing because it is made from a non-animal material. At Harley Street Dental Studio in the heart of  London we can give you the smile of your dreams and keep you looking young.








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