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Throughout our lives, we have a tendency to come into contact and experience potential harmful situations which have the possibility to damage our health. This might range from taking part in extreme sports which put participants in situations which we weren’t designed to be in. Abseiling off a cliff? Base jumping? It all might sound like fun but do we really consider the hazards that these pursuits can create? For example, we might end the day doing daredevil pursuits alive and well but might have suffered extreme pain along the way such as hitting our mouths on a hard object that could lead to potential dental problems.

For the rest of us who wouldn’t even consider partaking in this type of event, we might encounter a number of dental problems through simply getting up and going to work. For those who do require dental treatment there are a vast and wide number of treatments which The Harley Street Dental Studio can provide for you.

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If your teeth require fillings, the notion that they are silver in material and in colour is not your only possibility.  Through amalgam-free fillings which The Harley Street Dental Studio provide for their clients, they are not silver in colour but are in fact white which are increasingly similar to your own teeth and are not prominent when you look at them. But one other overriding factor which makes amalgam-free fillings excellent is what they are made out of.

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Traditional silver fillings contain a large amount of mercury. If the filling became eroded, the mercury could enter the patients system which could have drastic effects on their health. If the filling did become corroded, there is a strong possibility that it could stain the tooth or surrounding teeth which isn’t pleasant for the patient at all. Through amalgam-free fillings, the potential harmful situations that metallic fillings hold are no more for these predicaments aren’t a possibility.

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The Harley Street Dental Studio has a vast range of services including an oral cancer check-up examination. For more information on any aspect of cosmetic dentistry contact us on 020 7636 5981.


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