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A Modern Take On Traditional Fixed Braces In The City Of London


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If you thought that fixed braces were highly visible, bulky and uncomfortable, think again! We are delighted to offer our clients in London and beyond lingual braces, a modern take on traditional fixed braces.

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are fixed braces with a difference: they are applied to the back of your teeth, rather than the front, which makes them completely invisible when you smile. The major difference between the procedure to fit traditional braces and lingual braces is that the brackets are fitted individually, one by one before the arch-wire is passed through for lingual braces; this is because the back of the tooth is a different shape for each tooth and therefore the brackets are individually designed.

What are the benefits of lingual braces?

The major benefit of lingual braces is that they cannot be seen when you smile, so you can go through the treatment process without worrying about how you look or how others react to your braces. Lingual braces are suitable for patients of all ages and they are a very popular choice for adults.

Lingual braces may sound like a painful option, but they are actually very comfortable once you get used to them, as the brackets are much smaller than traditional brace brackets and the braces use the latest technology to prevent friction and increase comfort.

The treatment process is very simple; all you have to do once the braces have been fitted is attend check-ups with your dentist and let the braces do the hard work; there is no need to worry about swapping aligners or remembering to put your brace back in after you’ve cleaned your teeth.

If you’re looking for a truly invisible brace, we have the solution! Call us today to find out about our amazing Incognito and STb lingual braces.



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