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The glitz and glamour of it all.

You have to hand it to Hollywood; they do make some great films. Not just recently, but over the past couple of decades for sure. Great fight scenes, funny dialogue and actors who many look up to are just some of the elements which make Tinsel Town the fantastic place it is. But when you look at those appearing on screen, you will notice that nearly all of them have had their teeth whitened. Over the course of the past decade or so, the smiles of A-List members of cinema found across the pond have sported this look. Even the lesser-known stars in America who appear on our television screens are seen to have had this done as well.

The importance of being tooth-friendly.

We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. Having looked in a mirror after an especially delicious meal or beverage, we see the years of wear and tear this has done on our teeth which, as a result, led to them being discoloured. This could be down to a whole host of reasons. It is recommended people keep in mind the quantity in which they consume excessive amounts of alcohol and caffeine products, such as tea and coffee, which can vastly contribute to the yellowing of teeth. But what harms the colour of your teeth the most so that they become stained is smoking. There are no health benefits to smoking and, even though various forms of cancer may take some time to form in the body, yellowing of the teeth can be the most obvious and immediate disadvantage of this activity.

Busting the myth

You might think to yourself that only the rich and famous you see on screen could afford this due to the millions of dollars they command for every picture. But, contrary to popular belief, our service is not only open to those with an unbelievable amount of numbers in their bank accounts. People all over the UK are seeing the benefits of having their teeth whitened at a reasonable price.

But is it for me?

As many countries are following Hollywood’s suit and its citizens are embarking on undertaking teeth whitening, there has never been a better opportunity to remove those stains on your teeth which you’ve never liked the look of. Here at the Harley Street Dental Studio we specialise in helping people out just like you. Through the use of Zoom! Whitening, even a quick visit of one or two hour sessions can improve the quality of the colour of your teeth by up to ten times. Or, if you’re not feeling comfortable with visiting the Studio, there is the chance to take home a kit which will enable you to do this yourself with an easy-to-follow guide allowing your teeth to look naturally brighter in seven to ten days.

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