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Christmas and New Year are fast approaching and this usually means one thing: resolutions! Many people choose to eat healthier to try and lose weight after indulging over the festive period, but have you though of changing your diet to protect your teeth and gums in 2014?

Diet and oral health

Diet plays a massively important role in oral health; some of the foods you eat have benefits for your teeth and gums, but many can be harmful for oral health, especially those we tend to treat ourselves to over Christmas.

With studies showing that oral health is linked to general health, it is perhaps more important than ever to concentrate on making healthy lifestyle choices to protect your teeth and gums in the coming years.

Making changes for 2014

One of the main problems for oral health is sugar; unfortunately, many popular party foods and alcoholic drinks are packed with sugar, which is bad news for your teeth and gums. When you eat foods that contain a lot of sugar, the bacteria in your mouth feed and release harmful acids, which attack and wear away the tooth enamel; the enamel is the tooth’s protective barrier and once it is worn, it cannot be replaced.

Sugary foods are also a major contributor to weight gain, so if you are thinking of launching into a new healthy eating regime to lose weight, why not kill two birds with one stone and look to boost your oral health with a balanced eating plan, which incorporates foods that are good for your general and dental health?

Foods and drinks that are beneficial for oral health include milk and dairy products, which contain calcium, an essential mineral for strong and healthy teeth and bones, fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, such as berries, peppers, broccoli, leafy green vegetables and sprouts, and sources of vitamin D, such as oily fish and fortified spreads and cereals.

Foods to avoid

If you are committed to boosting your smile and banishing dental disease in the coming year, it’s advisable to avoid foods that have a high sugar content and a low pH value; examples of foods to steer clear of include sweets and chocolate bars, cakes and crisps, biscuits, ice cream, red and white wine, sugary cordials, fruit juices and shop-bought smoothies and vinegar-based salad dressing.





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