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5 Surprising Facts About Zygomatic Implants


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If you’ve been told you’re not an ideal candidate for traditional implant treatment, you may wish to consider zygomatic implants. To help you learn more, here are five surprising facts about zygomatic implants:

  1. Zygomatic implants are longer than traditional implants: zygomatic implants are so-called because we anchor them into the zygoma, the bones in the cheeks, rather than the jawbone.
  2. You may be a good candidate for treatment if you can’t have standard implants: sometimes, it’s not advisable to fit dental implants because the jawbone lacks strength and density. If this is the case, zygomatic implants may be an option. In this case, no bone grafting procedure is needed because we fix the implants into the cheekbones rather than the jawbone.
  3. Zygomatic implants can be placed in a single session: you may assume that implant treatment takes months, but with zygomatic implants, we can place the implants in a single session. Sometimes, it is also possible to fit the new teeth on the same day.
  4. Zygomatic implants are placed under sedation: to prevent you from experiencing any discomfort, we place zygomatic implants under local anaesthetic and IV sedation. This will ensure that you feel calm and relaxed during the procedure. After treatment, you may feel a little drowsy, so it’s best to arrange for a friend or relative to take you home.
  5. Zygomatic implants are designed to replace the top teeth: this form of implant is designed to replace missing teeth in the upper arch. It is possible to combine zygomatic and standard implants to replace teeth located on the top and bottom arches.

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