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5 Signs You Could Benefit from the Inman Aligner


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Are you on the lookout for a simple, fast solution to minor orthodontic issues? If so, the Inman Aligner could an ideal choice for you. Here are five signs that you could benefit from the innovative Inman Aligner:

  1. You have mild orthodontic issues: the Inman Aligner offers an alternative to traditional fixed braces for those who only need minor correction. With this treatment, you can wear a brace for weeks, rather than years. Examples of problems that can be addressed using the Inman Aligner include slightly crooked front teeth and small gaps between the teeth.
  2. You have issues that only involve the front teeth: the Inman Aligner was developed to improve the aesthetic of the smile and iron out minor issues that affect the front teeth. If you have probes that involve the front teeth only, this could be the treatment for you. There’s no need to undergo unnecessarily intensive treatment if you only need help with the front teeth.
  3. You want results fast: are you hoping to look your best for a special event or are you desperate to get results fast? If so, the Inman Aligner may be the option for you. In most cases, treatment can be completed within 16 weeks.
  4. You want discreet braces: many people want to achieve a beautiful smile without having to worry about wearing highly visible, unattractive braces. The Inman Aligner isn’t invisible; however, it is much more discreet than conventional fixed braces. All you can see when you smile is the fine metal bar that sits on your teeth.
  5. You want to feel more confident: if you don’t feel confident when you smile, this can affect the way you behave around others and make you feel self-conscious when you meet new people or you take on work tasks, like presentations. The Inman Aligner can help you to feel more confident by correcting those issues that you tend to focus on when you look in the mirror.

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