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Smile Month

Smile Makeover – Braces and Veneers

Arsan’s smile makeover was coordinated with treatments from 3 of our dentists and specialists.

When he came to us, Arsan had a dental implant in place which needed to be removed, he was also concerned about the appearance of his teeth as they were crooked and damaged.

The first step was to remove the previous implant. Braces were then used to straighten the teeth, improve the bite to reduce further damage to the teeth and also to create space for the implant to be replaced.

After the orthodontic treatment, four veneers were placed on his upper front teeth to improve the shape and appearance, completing the look.

Brace treatment: Specialist Orthodontist Dr Darsh Patel
Implant: Dr Nick Fahey
Veneers: Dr Justin Glaister
Treatment time: 18 months

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