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Da Vinci Veneer Treatment For Patients In Central London

January 5th, 2013

Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry solution specially formulated by dentistry experts to meet the needs of those with damaged, discoloured or crooked teeth. Designed to mimic natural front tooth surface, dental veneers blend with existing tooth structure to mask unsightly stains or to correct mild dental misalignment. At Harley Street Dental Studio in London we give choices in dental veneer treatments to restore tooth appearance and quality.

About Da Vinci Veneers

Da Vinci veneers originate in California, US, and have gained popularity through television series such as Extreme Makeover where celebrities and ordinary persons dazzle us with their white teeth and healthy smiles. Uniquely crafted from the world’s best dental porcelain, Da Vinci veneers resemble natural, healthy tooth surface to transform facial beauty and smiles. Individuals from all walks of life now raise their style and status with Da Vinci porcelain veneers.

Da Vinci Veneers Transform Smiles

Our dental veneer specialist prepares existing tooth surface through a buffing technique that preserves dental integrity. Existing tooth colouring is assessed to match Da Vinci veneer porcelain shade.  We place your preferences in veneer treatment first so that you have choices in smile design. Da Vinci veneers are designed bespoke to suit tooth density, definition, aesthetics and comfort.

The slim, elegant Da Vinci porcelain veneers that are custom-made for each person’s needs and securely bonded to the front tooth surface. Teeth whiteness, shape and alignment are immediately enhanced with the fitting of Da Vinci porcelain veneers.

The Da Vinci Veneer Choice

Once adjusted to personal preference, the Da Vinci porcelain veneers are permanently adhered in place and polished to resemble natural white, healthy teeth confidently visible when smiling. To meet diverse dental needs and conditions, Harley Street Dental Studio offer alternatives to Da Vinci veneers, such as MACVENEERS and Cerinate Lumineers.




The Amazing Smile Transformation of Da Vinci Veneers for Patients in London

June 16th, 2012

Da Vinci Veneers are some of the most natural looking and strongest veneers, which can enhance the appearance of your smile, whether you are suffering with discolouration, tooth chips and moderate misalignment.

What are Da Vinci Veneers?

Da Vinci Veneers are a special type of veneer, which are made at the Da Vinci Studios in Florida using the finest porcelain. Da Vinci Veneers unlike other veneers only require a small about of buffing in preparation for your smile makeover and are able to mimic the translucency of a natural tooth.

Da Vinci Veneers are one of the most popular brands of veneers, used on many makeover programmes and are versatile in the problems they can correct.

Da Vinci Veneers at Harley Street Dental Studio

Da Vinci Veneers are only available at certain leading cosmetic dental practice, such as Harley Street Dental Studio, who work alongside the Da Vinci Studio team. When deciding on the shape, size and colour of your Da Vinci Veneers we will always consult you and any preferences you have. There are numerous shades to choose from to match the colour of your teeth perfectly and create a smile that is both stunning and natural looking.

What is the Da Vinci Veneer process?

Step 1: You will visit the practice for a consultation to decide whether veneers are the treatment for you.

Step 2: Your teeth will be lightly buffed to remove one-half millimetre of material to make room for your new veneer. You will then have impressions taken of your teeth, which will be sent to the Da Vinci Studios laboratory in Florida.

Step 3: After your custom veneers have been made you will return to the practice to have them securely bonded to the front of your teeth.

Da Vinci Veneers are an ideal treatment for anyone who would like to enhance the appearance of their smile in as little as two visits.



Veneer your smile to success at your Harley Street dentist

April 28th, 2011

Many of us will have seen the amazing results achieved by veneers on television makeover shows, such as Ten Years Younger and Extreme Makeover. Veneers are very thin sheets of laminate, which are fixed to the surface of the existing teeth; they create a beautiful smile and can be used to transform even the ugliest set of teeth.

There are different types of veneer, including Lumineers, porcelain veneers, composite veneers and Da Vinci veneers; many of the treatments have come over from America and are now enjoying great success in the UK.

Veneers are designed to create an attractive, natural looking smile; the veneers are coloured and shaped like natural teeth and can be used to cover gaps between the teeth, chipped teeth and stains.

Having veneers usually involves a series of appointments; you can first discuss the treatment and procedure with your dentist and choose which kind of veneers you want to have and then your teeth will be prepared for the new veneers. The preparation process involves removing a tiny layer of the natural tooth to make room for the new veneers; some types of veneer require more preparation than others. Once the teeth have been prepared, the veneers can be fitted and you can flash your beautiful new smile.

Veneers aren’t cheap, a full set of veneers will cost thousands of pounds. However, they can produce incredible results and provide a perfect smile. A healthy, attractive smile has been proven to be the number one physical feature people look for in their future partner, so a new set of veneers could be well worth the investment.

Would you like to know more?

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Porcelain restorations at your cosmetic dentist

November 22nd, 2010

Most people associate porcelain with ornate decorations and delicate ornaments; however, porcelain is becoming increasingly common in the dental industry and many people are choosing to have porcelain restorations to restore the natural look of their smile. Many people still think of black metal fillings when they are asked about dental restorations, but this is no longer the reality. Now, most people are opting for more natural looking restorations and porcelain is big business.

Why porcelain?

Porcelain is a popular dental material because it is a very similar colour to the natural colour of the teeth; this means the restoration will blend in with the existing aesthetic of the smile and create a natural, healthy looking smile. Porcelain is also beneficial for patients because it is strong, durable and long-lasting.

According to research, polls and surveys, people are becoming increasingly conscious about their appearance and many consider their smile to be their most important feature. Research has shown that people who are happy with their teeth are more likely to smile and have high levels of self-confidence, which enables them to create a positive first impression; it is therefore no surprise that people who are pleased with their smile are more likely to succeed in both their professional and social lives.

Porcelain restorations can help to preserve the healthy glow of the teeth and create an attractive, healthy looking smile.

Available treatments

The most common types of restoration include fillings and crowns; many people are choosing natural tooth coloured restorations now, as they are more concerned about the physical appearance of their smile. Porcelain crowns are an ideal solution for people who are desperate to preserve the natural healthy look of their smile; the crowns are matched to the existing colour of the teeth and will be completely indistinguishable from the original teeth.

As well as complete porcelain restorations, there are also restorations made of a combination of metal and porcelain; porcelain helps to maintain the natural look of the teeth, while the metal helps to provide additional strength and durability.

Porcelain has also become an extremely popular material for cosmetic dental treatments, including Da Vinci veneers, porcelain veneers and MACVENEERS. Veneers have really taken off in recent years, in tandem with the growth in popularity of television makeover shows, including The Swan, 10 Years Younger and Extreme Makeover. Veneers are very thin laminate shells made from porcelain, which are placed over the existing teeth in the same way as false nails are placed over nails.

Veneers can create incredible transformations; they can completely change the appearance of chipped, damaged and stained teeth and can also cover up gaps between the teeth, giving the illusion of a perfectly formed set of pearly whites. Harley Street Dental Studio offers clients the latest veneers on the market.

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Celebrity Smile – As seen in Gossip Mags

October 25th, 2010

If you take a look at any of the gossip magazines in the newsagents, you’ll see every celebrity actor, singer and model smiling back at you with perfect, bright white teeth. The pursuit of the perfect smile has become very common, with people of all ages having braces fitted to correct their smiles and using teeth whitening products and veneers to brighten them. There are plenty of home whitening kits on the market, but consumer tests have shown that the quality of these can vary widely and the results are unlikely to be as effective as if you have the treatment carried out by a professional at a dental surgery.

Teeth whitening systems available

Once you have decided to go ahead and get your smile brightened professionally, you still have plenty of choice as to which system to use. Each has different advantages, depending on your lifestyle and budget. The Enlighten system requires impressions to be made of your teeth so you can have special plastic trays made that fit your mouth perfectly. A small amount of the whitening gel is then placed into the tray before being put in the mouth. There are different strengths of whitening gel available, the strongest requiring only 30 minutes of application a day, which is perfect if you have a busy lifestyle. Enlighten has its own system, Ramp, which is especially suitable for people with increased sensitivity. So even if you have sensitive teeth you don’t have to miss out on the celebrity smile.

Zoom! is a whitening treatment that is carried out in the surgery in a one hour dental appointment. The gel is applied to your teeth before a heated lamp is inserted into your mouth, activating the ingredients in the gel. You’ll be able to see the amazing results of Zoom! after just one hour, though the effects last just as long, if not longer, than other treatments. Nite White, as the name suggests, is a system that is safe enough to wear overnight, for minimum inconvenience, while Smile Strips are one budget option, costing only £45 for a 14 day course of pre-prepared gel packs.

All these options will leave you with a Hollywood-bright smile, so it’s down to you whether you want to spend one hour in the chair or spend less and do most of the hard work yourself. Either way, you’ll enjoy looking at the results for many months!

Cosmetic alternatives to whitening

Veneers are another, more expensive but more permanent and effective, way to brighten up your smile. These are popular with celebrities and sports stars and can be matched to the colour of your teeth for a natural looking improvement. Once impressions have been taken and the veneers have been manufactured to fit your smile perfectly, you will attend another appointment to have them fitted. Da Vinci veneers are one of the most popular brands in the US, having been developed in the home of the perfect smile, Los Angeles. The product has even featured on makeover shows on American television. Although they cost more than whitening treatments, veneers have one major advantage; their permanence. Short of something going wrong with them, your veneers should last your whole life, giving you a perfect bright smile well into old age.

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