Do Whitening Toothpastes Work For Patients In Central London?

April 22nd, 2014

Many people buy whitening toothpastes in the hope that brushing will give their teeth an extra sparkle, but do whitening toothpastes work and what can you do to get a gorgeous, white smile?

Does whitening toothpaste work?

There is some debate over the efficacy of whitening toothpastes and studies have shown that using whitening toothpaste has little effect on the actual shade of the teeth. Using toothpaste and sticking to a good daily brushing routine does help to remove surface stains and polish the teeth, but in terms of actually altering the shade of the teeth, it seems that whitening treatment is the only option.

If your teeth are prone to staining, regular hygiene sessions can help to keep them clean and make them look brighter and whiter. Hygienists provide much more powerful cleaning than brushing at home and regular sessions can really make a difference.

Whitening treatment

We offer a choice of whitening treatments to whiten your teeth and give your smile a healthy glow, including home whitening treatment and Enlighten. Our whitening treatments using bleaching agents to gradually lighten te shade of the teeth and the results are amazing. With home whitening, you simply wear your custom-made whitening tray at home and with Enlighten you wear a bespoke whitening tray at home for 14 days and then have a one hour in-chair session at the practice to give your teeth an extra whitening boost.

If you’re longing for a bright white smile, we recommend whitening treatment. Treatment is very simple and completely painless, we offer affordable rates and amazing offers and the results will last for many years. White teeth look healthy and attractive and you will feel much more confident when you smile if you are happy with the look of your teeth.

No More Yellow Stains With Our Range Of Whitening Treatments In London

April 19th, 2014

With our amazing whitening treatments, your yellow stains can be a thing of the past, paving the way for a bright, white smile in perfect time for the summer.

We offer home whitening treatment, as well as the incredible Enlighten system, which is the world’s most effective whitening treatment. Yellow stains can make the teeth look unhealthy and unattractive and whitening treatment will help to banish these stains, as well as giving you a confidence boost.

About Enlighten

Enlighten is a whitening system, which has relieved widespread acclaim; it is the only treatment that is guaranteed to produce shade B1, the lightest shade. Enlighten offers aspects of in-chair and at-home whitening and patients wear a custom-made whitening tray for 2 weeks at home before coming into the surgery for an in-chair treatment. The power whitening session takes just one hour and there is absolutely no pain involved.

Enlighten whitening treatment produces amazing results, the treatment is very convenient and your new bright smile will last for many years.

Home whitening

We also offer premium home whitening products, which enable you to enjoy a gorgeous white smile in the comfort of your own home. All you have to is attend brief appointment to make impressions for your whitening tray and then you can begin treatment. You simply wear the trays at night for between 10 and 14 days and you will notice that your teeth look radiant and glowing. It is easy to top-up treatment if you want to.

If you’re gearing up for a summer of special events, you want to look your best for a wedding or you want to give your smile a makeover, our whitening treatments are the perfect choice! Call us today to find out more!

Straight Teeth Can Be Achieved With Speed In Central London

April 17th, 2014

If you have more complex orthodontic problems, the thought of wearing a brace for years on end may be distressing, but we can offer an amazing fixed brace treatment, which provides many advantages over traditional fixed braces. Damon Braces are perhaps the best example of the innovation of modern orthodontics and we are delighted to offer this quick and effective treatment.

About Damon Braces

Damon Braces are fixed braces, which are suitable for a wide range of patients, including those who have more complex orthodontic issues, such as sever problems with the bite and crowding. In the past, patients who required a lot of tooth movement only had the option of conventional fixed braces, but with Damon Braces, patients now have a modern alternative.

Damon Braces use the latest self-ligating technology and a sliding bracket mechanism to move the teeth very quickly, while keeping pain to a minimum. They are smaller and finer than traditional braces and they are also available in a clear version for amazing aesthetics.

What are the advantages of Damon Braces?

Damon Braces work quickly, with treatment times usually around 4-6 months shorter than traditional fixed braces. They are also versatile and suit patients of all ages with a variety of orthodontic issues. Damon Braces utilise the latest technology to reduce pain and accelerate treatment and the braces are more discreet than other fixed braces.

How long does treatment take?

Treatment time is different for every patient because they have varying needs and some require greater movement than others. Typically, these braces produce results between 4 and 6 months faster than normal braces with an average treatment time of around 12 months. In cases where only a small amount of movement is needed, treatment time may be as short as six months.




Dealing With Sensitive Teeth, Handy Tips For Patients In London

April 17th, 2014

Tooth sensitivity is a very common problem, which usually presents with pain when you eat or drink something that is hot or cold. You may also experience sensitivity when you come into contact with cold air or when you bite down on something.

Sensitivity can cause mild, moderate or severe tooth pain and in the most extreme cases, it can have negative impact on day to day life. Thankfully, there are ways of easing pain and helping to prevent further damage to the teeth.

What causes sensitivity?

Sensitivity occurs when the dentin becomes exposed. The dentin section of the tooth is located underneath the hard enamel exterior and it contains the nerves, which is why you can feel pain. Acid wear and damage to the enamel result in the enamel becoming thinner and this increases the risk of sensitivity. Sensitivity may also be the result of a dental injury or a sign of tooth decay.

What can I do if I have sensitive teeth?

If you suffer from sensitivity, it’s a good idea to see your dentist so that they can check out the affected teeth and make sure there is nothing that needs addressing. It’s advisable to use sensitive toothpaste to strengthen your enamel and ease pain caused by sensitivity. You can buy toothpastes that provide instant relief from pain, as well as those that are designed to prevent sensitivity.

If there are certain triggers, which cause you pain, such as hot coffee, try to avoid these if you can. If you can’t do without your morning cup of tea, try to let it cool slightly before you drink it and avoid very acidic drinks, such as fruit juice, which contribute to enamel wear, as well as causing pain if you already have sensitive teeth.



What Are The First Symptoms Of Gum Disease In The City Of London?

April 15th, 2014

Gum disease is one of the most common oral health problems, but it can be prevented and if you are able to spot the signs early, we can treat if before it becomes advanced. We always promote the notion that prevention is better than cure, but if you need treatment for gum disease, we are here to help.

Spotting the warning signs

Mild cases of gum disease (gingivitis) are very easily managed, so it’s important to be able to spot the early warning signs. If gingivitis is left untreated, it becomes more serious and eventually develops into periodontal disease, which causes permanent damage to the bone structure that provides support for the teeth. In severe cases, the teeth start to come loose in their sockets and eventually fall out.

The most common symptoms of gum disease are swollen and red gums and bleeding from the gums. In most cases, bleeding is noticeable when you brush your teeth. If you do notice blood in your spit, you should arrange to see your dentist. Other possible signs of gum disease include painful and tender gums and an unpleasant taste in the mouth; in advanced cases, the teeth may also feel loose.

What can be done for gum disease?

Oral hygiene is the key to gum disease treatment. Good oral hygiene helps to remove bacteria and plaque from the mouth and our intensive cleaning treatments clean the gum line and remove stubborn plaque and tartar from the mouth. In cases of advanced gum disease, a series of sessions with the dentist and a dental hygienist are usually recommended and the aim is to prevent any further damage.

Gum disease prevention

The best way to avoid gum disease is to keep your teeth and gums clean. You can do this by brushing for at least two minutes twice a day and flossing on a regular basis. Try to avoid consuming a lot of sugary foods and drinks and see your dentist for regular check-ups. If you notice any warning signs, don’t wait for your next check-up, arrange to see your dentist as soon as you can. Smoking is a leading risk factor for gum disease; if you want advice about giving up, we can help.


Get Amazing And Dazzling Teeth With Macveneers In The Heart Of London

April 12th, 2014

If you’re looking for a treatment to give you a truly amazing smile, look no further than MACveneers, one of the world’s leading veneer systems.

What are MACveneers are how are they different from other treatments?

MACveneers are high grade porcelain veneers, which are capable of transforming even the most worn and stained teeth into a beautiful, radiant smile. MACveneers are ultra-thin sheets of porcelain, which are designed to sit on top of the natural teeth to create a brand new, sparkling smile.

MACveneers are thinner than most other types of veneer and they are coloured from within using a huge array of shades to create a more natural look. The veneers also boast a glossy finish, which makes for a stunning smile.

MACveneers are also very strong and they last up to twice as long as traditional porcelain veneers.

How could MACveneers benefit me?

MACveneers produce incredible aesthetics and they are an excellent option for patients who have chipped, discoloured, worn and crooked teeth. You are in control of the design of your smile and we work with you to ensure the perfect outcome. A flawless smile is a sign of beauty and you will feel much more confident if you are happy with your smile. Whether you’ve been hiding your teeth away for a long time, or you simply want to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your pearly whites, MACveneers can help.

The treatment process

MACveneers are crafted by highly skilled technicians and they are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. Your veneers will be made according to templates and impressions of your teeth and once they have been returned to the practice, your dentist will fit them, check you are happy with the finished results and then secure them in place.

Why My Teeth Are Loose?

April 11th, 2014

Teeth are attached to your jaw bone via a slightly elastic ligament and so a certain amount of tooth mobility is natural. This movement may be felt when clenching your teeth together. However, if your teeth are visibly mobile then this may require further assessment.

One of the most common reasons for loose teeth is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is often referred to as ‘gum disease’. Periodontal disease is a condition affecting the supporting structures of your tooth. If gum disease is allowed to progress then the bone anchoring the tooth in place is gradually destroyed. Without support, teeth will become mobile. Typically, periodontal disease will also be associated with bleeding, swollen and sore gums. It is very important that periodontal disease is picked up early. Loose teeth generally occur during the more advanced stages of periodontal disease so urgency for an assessment and treatment is imperative. Neglecting this condition can allow the disease to progress rapidly, where the tooth is so loose that you cannot chew or apply any pressure to it, and it will eventually fall out.

The cause of periodontal disease is plaque build up around the tooth. Risk factors for periodontal disease include smoking, diabetes, stress, genetics, immunosuppression and other rare medical conditions.

Other reasons for loose teeth can include trauma, bite injury or other pathology. If you are worried about any of the above, it’s also a good idea to get a full assessment from your dentist to ensure the cause of any loose teeth can be found and treated if appropriate.

Learn More About Our Innovative 6 Month Smiles Treatment In London

April 10th, 2014

We are delighted to offer our clients the 6 Month Smile system, a fixed brace treatment, which works quickly to give you an amazing new smile.

All about 6 Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles is a fixed brace system, which uses braces made from clear brackets and nickel titanium wires, which are virtually invisible. Treatment time, as the name suggests, is just six months, making this a much faster option than traditional fixed braces.

6 Month Smiles was developed to offer patients with minor or moderate orthodontic issues a quick and discreet alternative to train-track braces. These braces use self-ligating technology to speed up tooth movement and they also target the social 6, the upper and lower front teeth.

As well as short treatment times and discretion, these braces also offer comfort and they represent good value for money.

Am I a suitable candidate?

One of the few disadvantages of 6 Month Smiles is that it is not suitable for everyone. This is a treatment tailored to the needs of those with minor or moderate orthodontic problems, which affect the front teeth. Patients who gave mild crowding, problems with their bite, spaces between the front teeth or crooked front teeth, could benefit from this treatment and we will be able to confirm the suitability of treatment following a consultation.

These braces are an excellent choice for people who want an amazing smile quickly and we often recommend it for people preparing for special occasions, such as a wedding.

Are 6 Month Smile braces painful?

Like all braces, it can take a couple of days to get used to wearing 6 Month Smiles braces, but they are considered a very comfortable treatment thanks to the advanced technology and any discomfort should wear off very quickly. It can also take a little while to get used to speaking and eating with your braces, but any problems will die down very swiftly.



Improve Your Chew And Bite Function With Dental Implants In Central London

April 8th, 2014

Dental implants are an innovative treatment for patients who have missing teeth in Central London. If you have lost a tooth or you have a number of missing teeth and you are searching for a treatment to restore your smile, boost your confidence and improve your bite power, dental implants could be just the ticket.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a very advanced treatment and they represent an amazing alternative for natural teeth. Implants are small posts, which are made from titanium. They are placed inside small holes in the jaw bone to act as a substitute for natural tooth roots. As titanium is a biocompatible material, the implant is able to integrate into the bone tissue and this means that it provides all the stability and support of a normal, healthy tooth root.

Once the implant has integrated, it can be then attached to a crown, a dental bridge or a denture. This versatility means that treatment is suitable for patients who have one, a few or several missing teeth.

How could implants help me?

If you have missing teeth you have no doubt experienced problems with eating, especially with certain foods, and you may also have noticed that your speech is slightly different. Many people with missing teeth also feel self-conscious about the way they look. Implants can help to restore the smile, giving you more confidence, as well as enhancing your bite power and enabling you to chew properly with all the force of a strong, natural tooth.

Dental implants can also help to reduce bone loss and they create amazingly natural looking smiles.

It sounds a touch dramatic to say that implants can transform your life, but they really can, especially if you’ve been struggling with low confidence or you have a large number of missing teeth. Call us today to find out more about this amazing treatment.

A Cost Effective Solution To Misaligned Teeth In The City Of London

April 5th, 2014

If you thought all orthodontics cost the earth, we may have good news for you. We are delighted to offer the amazing Inman Aligner, a cost-effective treatment for patients who only require a small amount of movement. This treatment is an excellent alternative to traditional fixed braces for patients who have minor orthodontic issues.

What is the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance, which straightens the teeth incredibly quickly. This treatment is designed for patients with mild issues, which affect the front teeth, including minor crowding and slightly crooked teeth.  With this treatment, patients who have more minor problems can enjoy quick and painless treatment.

The aligner is made up of two key parts, including a coiled spring, which sits at the back of the teeth and a metal bar, which is located on the front on the teeth. Although the aligner is not invisible, like Invisalign aligners, they are more discreet than traditional fixed braces and they work extremely quickly.

The different components of the aligner produce forces, which push and pull the teeth, causing them to move. The system uses advanced technology to move the teeth with the minimum of discomfort.

How long does treatment take?

The Inman Aligner is one of the fastest treatments out there and most cases are complete within just 16 weeks.

How much does treatment cost?

The cost of treatment varies according to the patient’s individual needs and we will be able to give you a good idea of the exact cost of treatment after a consultation. This treatment is much less expensive than other aligners, such as Invisalign, and many of the fixed brace treatments, because the process is simple and treatment time is very short. To find out more about costs, treatment times and how this system could benefit you, call us today!