Confused about Cosmetic Dentistry options?


Should I Fill My Own Cavities Using Filling Kits On The High Street In London?

Cavities are a sign of tooth decay, which can also cause toothache, weakness in the tooth and sensitivity. There are …

How to treat and prevent toothache

Toothache is a very common condition, which affects us all at some point in our lives. Most people experience mild …

Cosmetic bonding at your Harley Street dentist

Cosmetic bonding is a popular cosmetic dental treatment, which is carried out to improve the overall aesthetic of the smile. …

Halloween: A scary time for teeth

So October is over, summer is long gone and perhaps some of us are worried about the damage Halloween has had on our kids’ (and perhaps our own!) teeth. Naturally, dental problems – what with sweets at Halloween and an array of sweet and sugary foods on Bonfire Night – have been seen to notably rise during autumn.


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