Confused about Cosmetic Dentistry options?


Is Dental Tourism a safe option?

Dentistry is quickly becoming the most sought after treatment within the medical tourism industry, and with millions of people from …

Dental Prices: Cheaper at Home than Abroad

It may sound strange, but some people find it more cost effective to travel abroad for major and serious dental …

In your comfort zone at Harley Street dentists

Our teeth play a very important role in our lives. They make a great first impression, especially if the person’s …

Dangers of Dental Tourism

Dental tourism has become something of a phenomenon over the last few years and on the surface, combining a holiday …

Dental Tourism Booming

More people than ever are choosing to go abroad for dental treatment. But, we ask, what about the pitfalls?

Need a Dentist? London Warned about Treatment Abroad

If you’re looking for a dentist, London and UK patients are being warned to avoid treatment abroad.


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